Inlet Filter Vessels

At J.L. Filtration we build two types of inlet filter housing vertical and horizontal.

Our horizontal inlet filter vessels hold two types of filters; either a 336FG or a 536FG filter element.

Horizontal Filter Vessels

Our horizontal inlet filter vessels have two chambers, one houses the filters and the other is for liquids and residue to drop into. Then the liquids can be dumped manually or automatically using a pump controller.

JL-336H Vessel
JL-536H Vessel

These vessels are designed to hold 1, 3, 4, 7, 12, elements.

Vertical Filter Vessels

Our vertical inlet filter vessels are designed as a dual-purpose vessel, as the vessel can act as a scrubber for knocking down liquids as well as filter your gas. With these vessels we use a reverse flow element mounted vertically. The gas enters the bottom of the vessel which has a storage chamber for scrubbing the gas. Then your gas travels up the inside of the filters where any contaminant trapped in the gas can be filtered out. Also any residual water will be knocked out as well. These vessels are excellent for fuel gas and inlet filters, and are designed to hold 12FG, 24FG, 36FG, 72FG, 312FG, 324FG, 336FG, 536FG filters and can house 1, 3, 7, 12 elements.

  • JL-36V Inlet Vessel
  • JL-336V Inlet Vessel
  • JL-336V7 Inlet Vessel
  • JL-536V3 Inlet Vessel

Our inlet filter vessels are designed for pressure from 150 PSI to 2000 PSI.