Multi Bag Filter Vessel

We build an assortment of multi bag filter vessels which hold from 3 to 8 P2 bag style filters, and are capable of flows from 600 to 1600 GPM.
Multi Bag Filter Vessel Sizes:
JLMB 3-P2 600 GPM
JLMB 5-P2 1,000 GPM
JLMB 6-P2 1,200 GPM
JLMB 8-P2 1,600 GPM
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Our Multi Bag Filter Vessels are available in pressure ranges from 150 PSI to 2,000 PSI.

Note: While our Single and Multi Bag filter Vessels are Rated for 200 GPM Through each filter, Flow rates will be affected by a number of different Factors including

All of these factors will cause you to reduce the flow rate considerably through the Bag Filter Vessel.