Single Bag Filter Vessel

We build an assortment of single bag filter housings to accommodate all aspects of your filtration needs. Our single bag filter housings can accommodate flows from 0 to 200 GPMs

Single Bag Filter Vessel Sizes

Example order # for Stainless Steel vessel: JL-P2 S.S.
Example order # for Carbon Steel vessel: JL-P2 C.S.

Our P1, P2, and P4 vessels are available in pressure ranges of 100 to 750 PSI. Our P8 and P9 vessels are available in pressure ranges of 1,440 PSI and 2000 PSI.

Note: While our Single Bag filter housings are rated for up to 200 GPM, Flow rates will be affected by a number of different Factors including

All of these factors will cause you to reduce the flow rate considerably through the Bag Filter Vessel.